How to build a concrete pillar

The masonry works are always very complicated to carry out, at least if you do not have the right knowledge . It might be useful to know how to build a concrete pillar . A concrete pillar is indeed fundamental in all types of construction. This serves to sustain and give rigidity to the entire structure . To make it happen you need the right tips and the right tools . In this guide we will try to provide you with the first. We will see step by step the appropriate techniques for the construction of a concrete pillar. Let’s see how.

Given the importance that the concrete pillar has in the security of the structure, every operation must be performed in the best way, paying attention to all the details. A concrete pillar needs careful study and the variables that determine its dimensions are many. It is therefore always advisable to seek at least the advice of an expert. The concrete pillars are typically of three species: rectangular, square and round. The most used are those with a square section, whose minimum size is 20×20 cm. However, there is legislation in place that governs the measurements of pillars in seismic areas. In areas subject to earthquakes the pillars must in fact have a minimum size of 30×30 cm. They must dot the perimeter of the room with a distance of less than or equal to 6 meters.

Reinforced concrete is used for the construction of a pillar. The term “armed” indicates the presence of iron inside the pillar. The iron is inserted through bars, of suitable diameter and length, commonly called rods. The rods have a fundamental structural function, these in fact make the pillar much more resistant to traction forces. They are inserted in the pillar perpendicularly to the base. On the market there are different types of rods, we suggest you to choose those bearing the initials FeB44K. These are the best on the market and have a knurled surface, which allows the cement a better grip.

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